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Fishing rods on the roof? Is that even possible? Sure, why not! Roof racksare a great way to get large and sometimes bulky gear conveniently and safely from place-to-place. Let’s take a look at some of the options on the market as well as the plusses and minuses of each one. Cargo boxes Cargo boxes...
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The first receiver hitch racks came to the market about 20 years ago in the mid-1990s. The growth in their use has increased quickly in recent years, and as many as 40% of vehicles now have receiver hitches. While they are convenient, these hitch-mounted racks pose a number of issues. Some dangers are to your...
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The roof rack industry is dominated by a couple of large companies, but that doesn’t mean consumers don’t have other options.  Let’s take a look at the various participants in the market along with their offerings.   Towers / Stays Manufacturers The mechanism that mounts directly to your roof or to your factory rails is...
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SmartCrossbars™, manufactured right here in the USA, make it fast and easy to put any attachments like boxes, bike racks and ski racks onto your vehicle.  Thanks to the patent pending quick release system, you can change out components in literally a couple of seconds instead of minutes and hours with Yakima® and Thule® crossbars....
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Spring is in the air in the Wasatch Mountains, and I’m sure these April showers are prepping your May flowers as we speak. And that means we’re starting to get our road and mountain bikes out of storage, cleaning up the drive trains and generally getting them ready to ride! But it also means that...
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Have you ever noticed an Eco-poser? No malice intended, but we find it a bit surprising to see all these outdoor “enthusiasts” driving around with so many empty attachments on top of their cars, they look like a traveling circus! Sure, you want to rock your style and show the world you’re an animal when...
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Alright Monkeys, the Chief Monkey finally ditched the 2001 Dell laptop for a new dual-core Pentium processor.  The change is almost impossible to describe.  Access to High Definition video, instantaneous program opening, big wide screen… you get the picture. What’s this got to do with SmartCrossbars™?  Well, having made the switch from traditional rack system...
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The Wasatch Powder Monkeys team is gearing up for Saturday’s Labor Day mountain bike race in our local Park City, the PCP2P! With 78 miles and 14K feet of elevation gain, it will be a wild one for riders. The Monkey is excited to be there to represent the one thing that should be easy...
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Hey Monkey fans! Click here for a great article the Monkey thought was a fun read and stirred the creative juices. Does it give you any ideas for the Monkey?

It’s a good thing monkeys like tropical heat! Wow, it was a hot weekend in Boulder, but the event was fantastic and the racing was great. Even with temps in the 90’s, spirits were high, and tri-fever was definitely in the air for Boulder’s Rohto IronMan 70.3 inaugural! If you missed the event standings, here’s...
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