Have you been looking for a new place to vacation? Utah is one of the best locations. Find out where in the state you want to go and then look for Utah vacation rentals.
Salt Lake City is the center of city life in Utah. It is in the center of a population corridor called the Wasatch Front, over 2 million people call this area home. There is so much to do if you visit the Wasatch Front, you will wonder why it took you so long.
If you are visiting in the winter months chances are that you came to ski. Salt Lake City and Park City to the East have 7 resorts between them. Just North of Salt Lake City you will find a city called Ogden that is home to another 3 resorts and just south of Salt Lake is Provo that is home to 1 resort. So there is no shortage of skiing in the Wasatch Front, all you need to do is find Utah vacation rentals.
It is not hard to find great Utah vacation rentals in Salt Lake City if you know where to look. The best part about staying in Salt Lake is that the local bus company offers ski buses up to all 4 of the Salt Lake area resorts. You won’t even need to rent a car. In fact, you can use Utah’s rail lines and ski buses to get to almost every resort in Northern Utah without ever renting a car or SUV.
Enough about transportation, what about the snow? Utah has long been known as the greatest snow on earth. This is because of where the snow comes from. The Great Salt Lake is much saltier than the ocean so it creates a very unique snow. Because of the salt content the snow that is produced from the lake is much finer than that of snow from the ocean. You have to ski on it to experience it but you will not want to go back to any other snow.
If you have decided Utah might be right for you, get on your computer and find your dream spot. Don't forget skis, tactical flashlight, and camping gear!