It can get pretty boring, just exercising in the gym. Staring at the same walls, using the same equipment, without any changes or excitement. The solution is to go exercise outdoors. There’s a whole wide world of places to explore, and you might be surprised how many of them are close by. Instead of going to the gym and using the treadmill, ride your bike around your city or on a trail. It is great exercise, and its far more interesting than going to a gym. However, there are still some steps to take before you head out into the wild.

Before You Get Started, Remember:

If you have any medical conditions, take them into consideration. For example, people with diabetes should make sure to take diabetes test strips with them to monitor blood sugar levels. Or likewise if you are prone to seizures, take your medication with you and make sure the temperature isn’t severe enough to cause a seizure.

Know What to Pack Ahead of Time

If you’re going biking, use a roof rack to give yourself more trunk space for whatever you may need. Perhaps make a list to keep track of the items you’re taking. Make sure you have food and water, as well as any cameras, clothing, or other supplies you want.

Plan Your Route.

It sounds all well and good to just go out into the wilderness, but it’s also easy to get lost, even if you are familiar with the area. Make sure you have a map and know where you are going. Figure out how much time your adventure will take, so you can choose the appropriate trails or paths, and end up home at the time you want.

Be safe, and have a great adventure.