Winter is on the way, and many are ready to shut themselves inside until spring comes. However, there are many fun activities that can be done during the winter. Here are the top five winter activities:

1.Sledding. Sledding is great because it takes no special skills. Anyone can go sledding, and almost everywhere has some kind of hill that is great for it. Its a perfect combination: fun for the whole family, easy to do, and easy to access.

2.Skiing. Though more difficult than sledding, skiing can still be great fun for everyone, regardless of age. Going out solo is also great, and it’s pretty easy to learn the basics. So, load up the roof rack and head out for the slopes.

3.Ice Skating. This is great because it usually allows for one to be inside while still taking advantage of the cold. It can be done alone or with friends and family, and it doesn’t have much of a possibility for serious injury.
4.Snowshoeing. Snowshoeing allows for one to satisfy their desire for a hike, look at beautiful scenery, get great exercise, and have fun in the snow. Again, it can be great for one person or a whole family. Many like to combine this activity with others, such as Snowshoeing up a large hill and then sledding down.

5.Sports in the snow. Break out the basketball or lacrosse equipment! While some sports can only be played during warmer months, there are many sports that can still be played during the winter, and even in the snow. Basketball is a great example, as it can be played both inside and outside. Lacrosse is also a popular sport that can be enjoyed in the cold, as there are cold weather uniforms and lacrosse helmets available.

These five activities are just the start. There are many fun and exciting things to do during winter, so take advantage of it.