Biking is one of the quintessential “light” ways to travel outdoors. Bikers, even when they have to drive a car to their location, often travel very lightly, with only the contents of a small backpack, a helmet, and water. If they need a car, their travel is made even easier with roof racks, rather than the troublesome back racks, which can make some aspects of driving difficult.

Biking has the advantage of distance and light packing, for you can go much farther much faster on a bike than on foot, with everything you need for a day out in nature in your backpack. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors, and to get some exercise. Traveling light doesn’t mean that you have nothing in your backpack, however.


Water. This is the first thing on your list, and for good reason. How much water you bring depends upon the length of your ride, but water is a necessity, more than just about anything else.

Food. Whether you want to pack your lunch or some snacks, having some food ready for you is a good idea. Riding a bike expends a lot of energy, so you’ll need food to make up for it.

Minor bike repair tools, especially a hand pump and patch kit. There are many small versions of these, and its important to have them handy in case you get a flat tire.

Arm warmers. Biking will get your body temperature to rise, but it can still get cold depending on where you want to bike. Arm warmers are compact and can make an instant long-sleeve shirt wherever you go, and can be easily removed if needed.

A flashlight, such as the LED Tactical Flashlight, LazerBrite. If you are going on an overnight trip, you’ll need one to navigate wherever you will be sleeping. Even if the trip is only going to be one day, a flashlight is necessary. Things could always happen to keep you out there longer, and you’ll want a flashlight if that happens.

Now, even with all of that, you should still have some room for extra things you may want, such as a camera, or even more water. With these tools, you can travel lightly and safely, and have a great time.